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Verizon New Phone Activation

Activate your new phone (with its "ESN") for use on the Verizon Wireless network. (A new phone number is issued to you for usage with your new phone.)
Countrywide Cellular

Price: $10.00

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*Street Address 1:
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You may use almost any Verizon Wireless-compatible phone with this form. It must not be currently active with Verizon Wireless (or any other network). To port in activation (keeping your old phone number) please select this site's Port-in Phone Activation option, or contact us via phone or email.

You will need the ESN number of your phone (instructions below). This ESN number must be clear and have no outsatnding bill with Verizon. Activations can take up to 24 Hours and 48 Hours on Weekends.

IMPORTANT: You must pay for the first month of service (if you have not already done so) after you have completed this activation form. Please select and purchase a plan on this site, or call us. You may make a credit card payment over the phone or use the secure payment form on this web site.

If your phone can not be activated your payment will be refunded. You may activate your Verizon phone here with a free $2.00 trial.

Please fill in the information below. If you need to make changes or cancel an activation, or if you have any questions, please contact us via phone or email.

Once we have activated your phone on the network, you must dial *22890 SEND or *228 SEND to program your phone.

With this new activation, a new phone number is
provided by us
for your phone/mobile device (but we
will need its ESN/DEC number, so please enter it below).
*ESN Number - DEC#
on Back of Phone:

ESN Number Location Information

On the back of the phone,
look for the ESN # on the sticker.

It may be called DEC, HEX, MEID or EMEI
and may contain numbers and letters.

DEC: 02g4s8r5
EMEI: A00000547U546G

Please be sure to include all required fields (*).
Additional fields may also be required (+).


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