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Port-In Activations

Port-in Telephone Number Activation

Port your phone into a Countrywide Cellular service (keep your current phone and number upon changing wireless providers/networks)! We use Verizon's network.

When you leave your old cellular provider and switch to one of our plans, you can still keep the same phone number you have been using. And as long as your existing telephone meets a simple set of requirements (such as being reasonably up to date), you can continue placing calls with it as well.
Countrywide Cellular

Price: $19.99

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ESN Number Location Information

On the back of the phone,
look for the ESN # on the sticker.

It may be called DEC, HEX, MEID or EMEI
and may contain numbers and letters.

DEC: 02g4s8r5
EMEI: A00000547U546G

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